WHO IS MARK RIO? A huge Elvis Presley Fan, that makes his job a tribute to his idol with love and respect, I always try to be a better person each day, to progress spiritually and professionally. DATA HEIGHT – 6’2’’ WEIGHT – 187 lb AGE – 45 SHOE – 12.5 HAIR – Black SIGN – Aquarius WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Rio de Janeiro. WHERE DO YOU LIVE TODAY, AND WITH WHOM? Today I live in Campinas – SP – Brazil, with my wife Paula Penna.

WHEN DID YOU FIRST GET INTERESTED IN ELVIS PRESLEY? At the age of six, watching his movies on television. Since then I collect and try to know everything about him. DO YOU HAVE A SECOND JOB OTHER THAN ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST? No, I exclusively dedicate myself on my job in tribute to Elvis. DO PEOPLE DISCRIMINATE YOU FOR BEING AN IMPERSONATOR? Thank God I’m always welcome by people for making a serious, non-caricature job, of course the recognition I’ve been earning helps. Discrimination is ignorance for me, it is a shame to judge one without knowing them. WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ABOUT DRUGS? I’m against the use of drugs, I think Brazil is too faulty regarding alert campaigns and mostly on users recovery. As an Elvis Fan, I always like to remember that Elvis Presley wasn’t addicted to illegal drugs, he was assigned secret agent on narcotics by President Nixon, Elvis had a much attenuated health (cancer, heart diseases, glaucoma, etc) and that’s why he used licit drugs, prescripted by his doctors.

WHAT DO YOU DO TO KEEP IN SHAPE? Besides the rehearsals and shows that take a lot of energy, I have a healthy alimentation, I’m vegetarian, practice muay thai, go to the gym and take walks. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO EAT? I love pasta, stuffed potato and soy-based food. WHAT’S YOUR FASHION STYLE? Classic. DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVOURITE STYLIST OR BRAND? Yves Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss and B&K Enterprises. DO YOU HAVE ANY MANIA? To wake up and turn the radio on. ANY HOBBY? To drive, I love hitting the road. WHAT CAN’T MISS IN MARK RIO’S WARDROBE? Elvis Presley’s suits replicas, a good jeans and my Hawaiian shirts.

WHAT’S A QUALITY OF YOURS? Loyalty. A FLAW? I’m very perfectionist. AN ADDICTION? Music. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO TO HAVE FUN? To hang out with my friends, enjoy a good movie and a good music. AN ACTRESS? Elizabeth Taylor. AN ACTOR? Robert De Niro. A MOVIE? Live a Little, Love a Little. A MALE SINGER? Elvis Presley.

A FEMALE SINGER? Amy Winehouse. A HANDSOME MAN? Elvis Presley. A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN? My wife. A SEX SIMBOL? Marilyn Monroe. WHAT’S THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD? Memphis – USA. O YOU REGRET OF SOMETHING YOU DID OR DID NOT IN YOUR LIFE? I don’t regret of anything, I learn with my mistakes and celebrate my victories. WHAT’S YOUR LIFE PROJECT? To keep my job going, to improve each time, to bring people joy, to be world’s TOP 1. A QUOTE? “I try always to be like Elvis, never to be him. Elvis is unique”.

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: GOD – Love LOVE– Life ENVY – Lack of capacity POWER – Responsibility PASSION – Music AMILY – Respect FRIENDSHIP - Loyalty RELIGION – It’s within everyone DESIRE – Peace MONEY – It’s not everything BEAUTY – Nature PRIDE – Has a limit DEATH – A passing Life – Evolution *Part of Rogério Freire – Revista em Cartaz interview.


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